Investor Spotlight — #001

Today, we’re starting with our Investor Spotlight series.

The VCs that will be highlighted are all immensely valuable to us, so undoubtedly every single one of them is well-deserving of a spot.

To you — our community — it will be relevant to see which firms are backing Coinlink, since…

We did an AMA with the awesome team of the AMA Lovers Club today. In this article we would like to give you a recap of the most important questions asked and their answers:

My name is Thomas, I am the CEO and co-founder of Coinlink. I have been working…

Let’s solve DeFi


UX is key to adoption of DeFi for the average user. As ambitious as some of the Defi projects are, right now UX is still lacking big time in most of them.

Coinlink is going to change this.

Coinlink is a cross-blockchain aggregation service that will allow users to use…

Hey Coinlink community, once again this is a good opportunity to give you an update about the progress of the project.

In order to give the best possible value to our community we have recently decided to rearrange our roadmap concerning an important feature. From the day of our TGE…

Hey community, a lot of things is going on behind the scenes of the Coinlink project and we would like to let you know about it.

What would the crypto space be without its ambitious projects? And there are lots of them. In such a tightly knit community every connection…

Hi there, Coinlink community, this is the next update about the progress of our Coinlink project.

As many (most) of you will already have noticed, there is an Airdrop going on right now until September 26th, in which we are giving away US$100 worth of Coinlink CNLK tokens to ten…

Cardano has been the long time favorite of a lot of blockchain enthusiasts throughout every part of the crypto space.

Arguably the biggest bang in the community happened on September 12th when Cardano in line with their announcements rolled out the Alonzo hard fork which now also brings along Cardano’s…


Coinlink makes DeFi accessible to everyone

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