Hey Coinlink community, once again this is a good opportunity to give you an update about the progress of the project.

Staking feature

In order to give the best possible value to our community we have recently decided to rearrange our roadmap concerning an important feature. From the day of our TGE a staking feature will be in place for all holders of our native Coinlink token. Staking will offer the community an attractive rate of yield which has yet to be determined by the team, but which will certainly be very competitive as compared to the yield returned by other staking protocols.

The precise details of staking the Coinlink token also have yet to be determined, but most likely this will be a block based fixed reward out of the reward tokens pool that will be available to the project from the beginning.

There will be no minimum staking period and users will be able to unstake the token at any time without penalty. However, staking rewards will only be paid out on a monthly basis. Unstaking before reaching a full staking month will give users no rewards for that specific month, which ensures that users who use the staking feature with a mid to longer term outlook will be rewarded for contributing to the token’s price stability.

Coinlink is delighted to be able to offer the staking feature way earlier than what was planned in the original roadmap and encourages all users to hold on to their tokens and receive an attractive yield rate by making use of it.

Coinlink progress

Development of the Coinlink platform is right now within its parameters. As mentioned in the last community update we are in the process of integrating Sushiswap, Quickswap and Dinoswap and token bridges between their respective blockchains.

Stay tuned…

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