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Today, we’re starting with our Investor Spotlight series.

The VCs that will be highlighted are all immensely valuable to us, so undoubtedly every single one of them is well-deserving of a spot.

To you — our community — it will be relevant to see which firms are backing Coinlink, since they’re basically part of the project’s foundation. This group is a huge factor in reaching our maximum potential, and we can assure you that there’s an overwhelming amount of mutual trust.

Let’s not waste any more time, and present our first partner:

Marshland Capital

Marshland Capital (Marshland Digital Assets) is a well-respected VC that provides early-stage companies with invaluable knowledge, guidance, and an abundance of resources.

Marshland can take a project from early ideation all the way through a cap raise to the launch. They assist in solidifying partnerships, building out tokenomics strategies, securing the first round of capital, and developing plus executing go-to-market strategies.

Marshland is also able to help post-sale products structure IPO & equity raises, which they believe will be a big thing in this space over the next 5–10 years.

If you want customized services from a dedicated, driven team that genuinely cares about your personalized needs, all in a fast, discrete & professional manner, you should definitely get in touch with Marshland.


Coinlink is a cross-blockchain aggregation service that will allow users to use various different protocols without even being aware what blockchain they’re working on. Instead, they can simply enjoy using the different protocols around. Integration will range from Ethereum to Polygon, and from Cardano to eventually BSC.

Coinlink will gradually channel more and more different DeFi protocols into a one-stop solution where users can swap, lend and borrow cryptos to their liking.

“Marshland has been at the forefront of this industry for nearly 10 years. They have brought a wide variety of successful projects to market and we love their hands-on approach. At Coinlink, we believe that their endorsement brings us in a fantastic position, and we are obviously thrilled to have them on board as we approach our public sale and launch.” — The Coinlink Team

For more on Marshland, check out these links:

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