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UX is key to adoption of DeFi for the average user. As ambitious as some of the Defi projects are, right now UX is still lacking big time in most of them.

Coinlink is going to change this.

Coinlink is a cross-blockchain aggregation service that will allow users to use various different protocols without even being aware what blockchain they’re working on. Instead, they can simply enjoy using the different protocols around. Integration will range from Ethereum to Polygon, and from Cardano to eventually BSC.

Coinlink will gradually channel more and more different Defi protocols into a one-stop solution where users can swap, lend and borrow cryptos to their liking.

Coinlink has a primary focus on yield farming. An automated Ethereum-Polygon bridge will be in place at a very early stage of the project, allowing Coinlink users to auto-route assets between the chains into specific yield farming protocols. When Cardano DEXes are fully operative, they’ll be integrated immediately, and later on BSC-dexes such as Pancakeswap will be integrated as well.


At Coinlink, we’re convinced that Cardano is absolutely up there with the most promising blockchains to date. Cardano is based on thorough research, which will put it in an excellent position to be equipped for future challenges — not only in the DeFi space, but in the entire crypto industry.

The world of Cardano opens up an entirely new space for DEXes and yield farming protocols that will benefit hugely from Cardano’s efficiency when compared to Ethereum and that comes at a fraction of the latter’s transaction costs. This will facilitate new types of DeFi services to establish themselves that would have been prohibitively expensive on Ethereum like for example micro payments. From its early phase of conception Coinlink has embraced the Cardano project for precisely these reasons.

Coinlink wants to be in the forefront of these new Cardano projects. As DEXes and yield farming protocols become fully operative on Cardano, Coinlink will be among the first to integrate these for the benefit of crypto users.

Parallel to Cardano, Ethereum will remain a dominant blockchain in terms of market capitalization and its sheer number of projects that are already in existence here. Polygon by now has also emerged as one of the most important level 2 chains in the space already, next to plenty of other blockchains that are gaining importance rapidly.

Coinlink’s Smart Routing Feature

First, users enter their asset of origin and the desired yield farming protocol’s target asset. Then, Coinlink’s smart feature suggests a route for that strategy, based on the current market data. This is displayed to the user in an easy-to-use interface where he or she just confirms the steps until reaching the yield farming protocol’s token.

That’s all!

Transaction Tracking and Portfolio Overview will allow users to handle their transactions much more efficiently.


We continue seeing different blockchains rising steadily, each one with their own specific approach of overcoming some of the traditional drawbacks of existing ones. The team at Coinlink therefore feels that any aggregation service these days should be truly cross blockchain. For us this means not just deploying our project on different blockchains, but actually making it possible to bridge different blockchains more or less in one go when you execute a transaction.

Through our Smart Routing feature, users will be able to route tokens between blockchains without intermediary steps. Transaction Tracking and Portfolio Overview are other important features.

From the get-go, you’ll be able to get the best of the most popular decentralized exchanges, like Uniswap and SushiSwap. Further down the road, Coinlink will integrate the most established lending and borrowing platforms.

In every area, Coinlink takes away the user’s burden that the current complexity of DeFi apps imposes on him. With Coinlink instead it’s like using a train — you hop on it at one station and exit once you’ve reached the desired destination.

We’ll take care of everything, and you’ll only be alerted to confirm things when absolutely necessary.

Welcome aboard!



Coinlink makes DeFi accessible to everyone

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